Terms & Conditions

Terms of delivery

Get the product at our store Brivibas street 101, Riga

When ordering, the item is reserved and stored for 7 days. If you do not appear at this time, it will be returned to the store for sale and your reservation will be canceled.

Delivery of goods with Latvian Post throughout the territory of Latvia

To find out the exact delivery costs of the order, place all the goods in the virtual basket and go to the “Shopping basket”. Choose the delivery location and the system will indicate the exact shipping costs of your order.

Delivery of goods to your address (express delivery). Latvijas Pasts will deliver the goods directly to the customer in hands, before calling to the indicated telephone number. And specifying if the customer is in a designated place will be able to receive the shipment. If the client is not contacted and there is none at the specified address, then a message with information and a telephone number for communication is left in the box to allow the customer to call the supplier and receive the item later. With a courier phone you can agree on both the time of receipt and the place.

Warranty Terms

  1. All products purchased in the ProBasketball online store have a manufacturer warranty.
  2. Within the legal guarantee, the consumer is entitled to submit a claim for non-compliance with the terms of the contract within 24 months from the moment of purchase. The right to claim is valid if the goods were used only under the circumstances.
  3. When purchasing a product, the guarantee card is an invoice or a check that shows the purchase time.
  4. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage to the product, scratches caused by inaccurate use of the product, and damage to the product as a result of deterioration.
  5. If the buyer can not present a valid check or bill of lading, the guarantee is canceled.
  6. Warranty repairs do not cover damage to the product caused by fire, flood, earthquakes or other hazards.


  1. You can withdraw from the order at any stage, including within 14 days upon receipt of the goods, provided that the item is not used.
  2. If you decide to return the item within 14 days, the shipping costs will be charged to you.


  1. If for any of the above reasons you have to get back the money paid for the product, it will be transferred to the account from which it was credited. If you want to receive money in another account, it should be indicated separately.
  2. In the above cases of return of goods, a check is made for the item, which we reserve for 5 business days. If the item was returned in the same state as the one sent out, the store will transfer the money immediately.

Any inaccurate questions about delivery, refund and guarantee can be solved by contacting us by phone 25445703 or by e-mail info@basketbols.com.